9 Things To Do Before Showing Your Home For Sale

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Preparing to move can include having your home shown to potential buyers, either individually or during open houses. Albeit a hassle to leave your home in a moment’s notice for 1-3 hours, home showings and open houses can be effective tools to find the right buyer for your home. To simplify the process our real estate team has compiled a quick list to have your home show-ready in minutes!

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the goal is to show off your house as a home where a buyer can envision themselves living. Here are what we consider the top nine things-to-do before showing a home for sale...

  1. Curtains Drawn, Blinds Open
    Natural light is your friend and you want to allow as much of it as your home gets. Open windows will make your home feel more open and less closed off in addition to showing off any great views.

  2. Countertops Wiped & Cleared
    A little cleaning and decluttering daily can go a long way to having your home ready for showings as well as help you prepare for a move.

  3. Clean The Key Areas
    Places like pet areas, the trash, and the kitchen sink should always be clean and clear of clutter.

  4. While You Are In The Kitchen...
    Be sure to wipe down all appliances, spot clean floors and, if needed, wash and vacuum main living areas. With all that natural light let in through the windows, you want to make sure you aren’t showcasing sticky footprints or dust on your gorgeous hardwood floors.
    custom home show ready kitchen
  5. Clean Windows & Mirrors
    Especially wipe down any windows those on doors! Make sure to use a streak-free window cleaner to get rid of any smudges or fingerprints.

  6. Make Beds
    Getting in the habit of making your bed every morning makes this pre-showing to-do into a ta-done.

  7. Tidy Bathrooms
    Freshen the bathrooms in under 5! Start with a quick wipe around the sink, then close the toilet lid and shower curtain, limit hanging towels to one (1) per bathroom, and include one clean hand towel. Show ready bathroom with one hanging towel

  8. Fluff Couch Pillows
    Details can go a far way, make sure to tidy up the couch and fluff up the pillows. For a fresh look, consider replacing older pillows.

  9. Blow Driveway & Lawn, As Necessary
    Depending on the season and the landscaping around your home, make sure to blow off the driveway and lawn of debris and leaves to present a clean curbside appeal.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so prepare to make the best impression possible with these 9 things to do before showing your home.


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