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Today’s condo market has seen a shift in the prices; many of the condos are priced where they were in 2004-2005. Many of the oceanfront condos that sold for $150,000 in 2005, are now selling for $150,000. The large increase in price from 2004-2006 has almost been wiped out with many oceanfront condos. What does this mean? Buyers can now make a smart investment and actually see some rental income comparable to the price.

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Condominiums sales are down less than half of what sold last year in August. Last year in August there were 417 condos that closed in August, this year there were only 217. Home sales are not as far down, but there is still a big decline when comparing this year to last. Home sales are down 34%; last year in August there were 546 homes that closed, this year the number dropped to 360. These numbers are taken from the MLS for Horry and Georgetown counties, MLS accounts for about 85% of the sales in both areas.

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Where do you search online? With so much emphasis put on online advertising most of the areas you will be searching should have a couple good websites, either company or individual REALTOR® sites; with properties updated daily or every couple of days through the MLS. What is MLS? MLS, is the Multiple Listing Service that REALTORS® input properties into and use to search for available properties. Most properties that REALTORS® list are entered into this multiple…

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Let’s start with a little bit of History. Wachesaw Plantation was developed on the banks of the Waccamaw River. For thousands of years these banks were inhabited by nomadic Indians, that only left behind small hints to there existence. Wachesaw Plantation was once the site of two 19th century rice plantations. Although today Wachesaw Plantation is a private residential golf community; you cannot help but notice and feel the history of days past when driving through this aesthetically pleasing neighborhood. The developers of Wachesaw Plantation managed to capture and restore much of the history of this property through archaeological research. The South Carolina Institute of Archaeology…