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So you decided on buying a property along the Grand Strand, now what about property taxes? South Carolina has the 6th lowest Real Estate taxes in the country for 2017. If you are not familiar with the term “Grand Strand”, it consists of many areas and cities along the northern coastline of South Carolina. The most recognized area along the Grand Strand is Myrtle Beach, SC. Other areas include North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Litchfield Beach, Pawleys Island, Conway, Carolina Forest, Grande Dunes, Briarcliffe, and Socastee.

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When you decide to complete a major home improvement project you want to make sure that the value you add to the home is closely connected to the project’s cost. There are many upgrades that pay for themselves and allow you to sell your home for a higher price, which is especially important if you're going to sell in a competitive market like Myrtle Beach. Conversely, there are improvements that can cost a great deal without ever really adding any real difference to your home’s resell value. Let’s take a look at a few of the considerations, projects, and pitfalls when it comes to home upgrades that increase the sales price of your home.

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Custom Home Design Once lot selection was finalized the CRG Companies design team went to work! At CRG Companies, we don’t have set plans for our homeowners to choose from, quality construction comes standard with each home and we pride ourselves on assisting our homeowners in finding a home style unique to them. The Guyers worked closely with our architectural designers and chose to modify a previous CRG Companies custom home design incorporating elements to the home that…

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Find homes and lots for sale along the Grand Strand... How Flood Zones Affect Building a HomeWhether you live in a coastal area or in a landlocked state, you need to be aware of the flood zones before you purchase or build a home. Flood zones can affect your insurance rates and the style and details of your home. Prior to purchasing a home, learn how the flood zones will affect your insurance and the design of your home. An…

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                Should I build or buy a home in Myrtle Beach? Buy   Build As a buyer, you’ll have plenty of options for purchasing an existing home. “If you build it they will come” is no longer a builder’s creed, many builders and developers have halted new construction in favor of moving their vacant properties. What’s even more exciting is that dream home you’ve been eyeing, thanks to price reductions, may become a reality! Begin your search using our Myrtle Beach MLS search tool!

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If you still have questions about what a short sale is, I will be posting a blog in the next few days that will help you to understand a short sale.     Update 1.  4/25/10 - We got all of the contracts signed, filled out the short sale packet, and put together all necessary paperwork. 4/26/10…

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  Everyone is aware of the state of the real estate market throughout the country. How can you not be? Every newspaper and expert is telling you why it is not a good time to buy or why the nation is going to go into a recession because of this real estate downturn. Maybe I am biased because selling real estate is my profession, but I feel like there is no time better than now to buy real estate. Today we will discuss why new construction can offer you a better opportunity than resale property!

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Where do you search online? With so much emphasis put on online advertising most of the areas you will be searching should have a couple good websites, either company or individual REALTOR® sites; with properties updated daily or every couple of days through the MLS. What is MLS? MLS, is the Multiple Listing Service that REALTORS® input properties into and use to search for available properties. Most properties that REALTORS® list are entered into this multiple…