Selling Your Home For the Holidays

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Many real estate professionals and home sellers hesitate to list their homes for sale during the holiday season but it has the potential to be just as good a time as the traditional spring selling kick-off. Our sellers in the Myrtle Beach area getting great results this time of year and through the holidays. Here’s why selling your home during the winter months can be a great time...


Three Benefits Of Selling Your Home During The Holidays

#1. Though many buyers back off their search during the holiday season, the serious ones remain. As a seller, your time is far better spent with the most serious buyers in the market and these clients will continue to eagerly browse in hopes of finally finding the perfect property.

#2. There’s something naturally comforting about the holiday season and many buyers delight in the excitement and warmth that comes along with a home tastefully adorned in holiday decor. Especially those who are looking to relocate to the Grand Strand who have previously viewed the area as a vacation spot! Showing your home as a “home” has a new meaning while the buyers are envisioning their next holiday party and creating memories with their family. 



#3. Going into the winter months, the Myrtle Beach area inventory of homes for sale continues to remain on a steady decrease of 1.8% from October 2017 to October 2018. (View our monthly market report here for more detail.) Fewer homes available for sale means you will get greater opportunity to market your home with less competition. Listing during the holiday season ensures you have maximum exposure to targeted serious buyers. 


Top 4 Tips For Decorating Your Home For Sale During The Holidays:

  • Minimalism and simplicity are key when decorating a home for sale at any time during the year, especially the holidays. You don't want to distract buyers from seeing what is really important.
  • Curb appeal is truly the first impression home seekers have of your home and it’s important! Keep your seasonal decor classic and clean, you want to appeal to their sense of spirit so keep it generic rather than using characters, religious scenes, or wild color palettes that might not be appealing to all.

  • Create a cozy environment to welcome potential home buyers and their Realtors® in from the cold. Even Myrtle Beach gets chilly in the winter, so keep a moderate home temperature along with some scents of the season which can go a long way to create the feeling of home. Keep the holiday and daily life clutter to a minimum and create a little space for relaxation, even if it’s just a chair by a window with a table and lamp for reading.

  • Highlight your home with holiday decor by keeping to a color palette that compliments your home. The holidays are a time to release your inner-glitter, but make sure to keep it minimal and true to your home's interior design style. You don’t want to distract potential buyers from seeing what is really important.



  • Focus your statement pieces in the best areas of your home to impart stylish minimalism throughout your home. Do you have an architectural detail like a custom staircase or built-in cabinet? Accent it with candles, a bowl of pinecones, a vase of ornaments, or simple garland that will draw attention to areas you want to show off.


Our Real Estate Experts Can Help

Are you thinking about listing your home for sale now? Our team of real estate professionals are home staging experts and have a strong marketing plan to help you move your home from “For Sale” to “SOLD”. With our help, selling your home won’t have to wait for the warm summer days to return. Take advantage of this holiday season and list your home today!

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