Beneath the Surface: Remodeling an Older Home in Myrtle Beach

Why would we remodel this beautiful home?

Check out the construction photos to see why!

Before Photo Remodel in Myrtle Beach

We recently began the construction of a home built in 1984 in the Dunes in Myrtle Beach on a gorgeous lot with natural, Southern landscaping and a unique floor plan. We had many people ask why we would plan such an extensive remodel on a home that seemed to only need some basic updates. On the surface, the home built had beautiful hardwood, interesting architectural details, and beautiful bathrooms. But when we delved into construction, we realized the home would need updating just to improve the overall efficiency and ensure the home would remain sturdy.

On the Surface - Flooring

Why would we pull up these beautiful hardwood floors and the tile in the bathroom?

Before Photo 1  

Take a Look Underneath...

While we always install 3/4" T&G, high quality subfloors in every one of our homes, not every home you'll find will be built with this in mind. Thin, low quality subfloors might cost less, but the homeowner will have to spend more money later on in order to fix issues like moisture resulting in mold and damage.

This floor had actually been replaced, but not with quality subfloors so these issues would come up again.
  We actually stepped through the floor here! Fortunately, no one was injured.

On the Surface - Efficiency

Just looking at these rooms, you would have no way of knowing how little insulation sits between the walls.


Take a Look Underneath...

When the home was built, they didn't have the options we have now for insulation and many older homes need updated to improve efficiency and decrease utility costs. We've always emphasized the importance of building 2X6 exteriors walls instead of 2X4. While it might not sound like it would make that much of a difference, the 2X6 construction allows for more room to insulate, creating a more efficient home that will last longer.

Unfortunately, insulating around windows didn't become common until after this home was built. New energy codes now require spray foam insulation around all windows and doors.

Not only does the 2X4 construction leave little room to insulate, but you can see that there's barely anything between the interior and exterior walls. All homes now are built with plywood sheathing; this home only used insulation board, offering very little structural support.

Remodeling an older home like this requires experienced professionals that will take the time to find the areas that need improved and are familiar with the best materials and methods to transform this already beautiful home into a custom home that will last for the new owners. Before the fun stage of designing and selecting, the CRG Construction Team will need to replace the low quality materials with high quality materials that improve efficiency and save money in the long run.

Keep an eye out for construction updates! We can't wait to show all the improvements and custom details!

If you have a home that you would like remodeled or would like to find an older home to remodel into your own custom home, email or call us and meet with one of our professionals to review plans and answer questions.

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