CRG Companies Tips for Storm Recovery & Preparation

Custom Home Renovations Help You Recover & Prepare for Next Time

While Hurricane Matthew passed us as a Category 1 Hurricane in 2016, Hurricane Florence nearly made landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane in 2018. The predictions of these great storm and the damage left behind should leave us all preparing for the future.


It is not a matter of if, but rather when another hurricane or natural disaster will strike. Cleanup and recovery are just beginning along the Grand Strand and many are left looking where to turn for renovations and how to secure their home for future impact. CRG Companies is here to help you rebuild and wants you to know how to ensure the safety of your home, business, and family. Now is the time to prepare your home and make a plan!

Structurally Sound

Sometimes repairs and updates to secure the home doesn’t change the fact that your home is not structurally sound, either from previous storm damage, age, or poor construction. The first step to making sure you are protected is to assess the current state of your home. Damage may not always be visible and may arise later causing more destruction than if it were handled ahead of time. Remodeling to prevent damage to your home is a wise investment for the long-term.

Securing For the Future

There are endless ways to secure your home either when building new or to existing structures. Here are just a few that can easily help protect your home:

  • Impact windows are manufactured to withstand the most brutal weather conditions along with wind-borne debris. An alternative to impact windows would be hurricane shutters. One of the main causes of hurricane damage is the penetration of the windows and doors from flying debris. In addition to the visual damage from flying debris, gusty winds entering the home can also cause lift on the roof and outward pressure on the walls.

  • myrtle-beach-monarch-roofing-remodel-repairThe most important aspect of a roof is its structural frame and underlayment. When re-roofing, it is strongly recommended to remove the entire existing roof down to the decking to check and/or upgrade the roof structure and to install a proper base layer to serve as a secondary water barrier. Our partner, Monarch Roofing, is a GAF Master Elite contractor who can assist you in retrofitting your roof or repairing wind damage from the storm. Roof failures are among the most common and often the most expensive repairs after a storm partly due to the cost of roofing, but also the cost of interior damage caused by a failed roof making this a key investment before the storm hits!

  • Installing a backup generator provides comfort and safety when there’s a lose of power. Losing power can be a major inconvenience and can take days for service workers to repair. With a generator and an automatic transfer switch, no human intervention is required for the transfer of power from your home utilities to the generator. Automatic transfer switches can be used to power an entire home or a panel containing specific emergency circuits. Generators allow power to stay active assuring your security system is reliable, the food in your fridge to stay fresh, the temperature in your home to remain comfortable, and communication devices to remain charged for use. A generator isn’t just a backup plan, it’s a precaution.

Rebuild or Buy New


If your current home has too much damage, you were due for a change. We can assist you in rebuilding, relocating, or building a safer home. CRG Companies goal is to help you whether that be repairing or starting new and our team is here to help!

 Contact us today to speak with one of our construction or real estate professionals on how we can help get you started.

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