Each year Earth Day brings the opportunity to discuss the evolution of green building practices and how energy efficient homes can lead to big savings in resources and dollars. Today, however as we are working, home schooling, and living in our homes practically 24/7 our focus is shifted to the small sustainable steps we can all take now to make a big impact as we build for a more efficient future.

Happy Earth Day World CRG

10 No Cost Green Practices You Can Start Right Now

  1. In the Laundry - Over 80% of the energy used in washing clothes comes from heating the water. Cold water actually gets clothes just as clean and won’t set stains like hot water. You can also save energy and extend the life of your clothing by line drying whenever possible.

  2. At the Sink -  Fill your dishwasher all the way before running it and, when possible, allow enough time to air dry rather than heat dry.

  3. A Timely Schedule  - Utilize the delay feature now availabe on most washers and dishwashers to start during your electric company's "off-peak hours”.

  4. Spring Cleaning - There’s no better time for a deep clean! Refrigerator coils and the dryer vents are two places a deep clean will help your appliances run more efficiently immediately.

  5. In the Closets - While you’ve got time clean out those closets!  Donate items you are no longer using or repurpose others for every day items such as cloth napkins, totes and cleaning rags!

  6. Recycle - Even if your trash service doesn’t provide recycling there are several ways to recycle in your home. Start a compost bin for your food waste, which will result in free fertilizer for you! Glass bottles from condiments and sauces can also be repurposed for use as storage around the house such as food, craft supplies and more.

  7. Water, Water, Water - we could go on for days here but just following the basics like turning off the facet when brushing your teeth, taking showers rather than baths and being conscious while cooking and washing dishes saves gallons daily. You can also recycle the water from your cooking, washing your vegetables or collect rainwater outside to use when watering your plants. 

  8. Speaking of Plants - it’s time for an air purifying house plant! (Be sure to water it with plenty of that good (free) rainwater you collected.)

  9. Use Your Power  - more than just installing them, turn off those power strips when you aren’t using them to stop energy draining appliances that utilize power even when they aren’t in use.

  10. Find a Natural Solution - most of your daily cleaning tasks can be handled utilizing natural substances you already have in the home. Vinegar, juice from citrus fruits and baking soda are just a few that can help save our local water supply and your family from exposure to harmful chemicals.

Building For A Greener Home

When you are ready to build your next home, our experts can guide you through the process of designing a home that will be as efficent as it is beautiful. Here are just a of the ways you can build a greener home.

  • Smart Home Automation- The many technology conveniences of the modern home allow you to easily reduce the consumption of excess energy by monitoring a variety of functions and appliances within your home. This is an excellent tool to help manage and change wasteful consumption behaviors while cutting down your utility bills to maintain an eco-friendly home. Smart home automation is designed to learn your preferences or be programmed to manage whether you are there or not. This includes thermostats, lighting controls, security, and more.

  • Energy Efficient Appliances- From laundry to cooking to making the home a comfortable place, the appliances we use in our households account for a large percent of our monthly or annual energy costs. ENERGY STAR certified appliances will save you money on operating costs by reducing energy use without sacrificing performance. ENERGY STAR appliances use over 30 percent less electricity or fuel than a typical appliance of that type.

  • Reduce Water Use- In addtion to the quick steps you can take to reduce unnecessary use of water, there are plenty of ways to update your home to further reduce your use. Many modern appliances are also designed to use roughly 45% less water than your typical washer saving you more than 3,000 gallons of water each year!
  • Plumbing fixtures such as the toliet, shower head and faucet that meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) criteria for water efficiency and performance can use 20% less water than federal requirements.
  • Tankless Water Heaters- On demand tankless water heaters are a great way to reduce the amount of energy that is wasted to run the plumbing in your home. Tankless water heaters are smaller, easier to repair, more durable and last twice as long as storage water heaters. By using fewer natural resources, tankless water heaters cause less of an environmental disruption in addition to less carbon emissions and pollution.
  • Better Products- Keep in mind that technology extends past the tablets and tv's in your home. It also includes the processes that are used to produce materials such as flooring, cabinets and countertops. By using recycled goods and non-toxic substances, they greatly reduce the impact on our environment as well as improve the air quality in your home.


CRG Companies is dedicated to leaving an environmentally friendly footprint with all of our construction and design projects. As the exclusive builder in Living Dunes, one of the newest Grande Dunes communities, we were able to implement many sustainable practices as a standard.

Sustainable Communities by CRG

All Homes At Living Dunes Include These Green Features:

  • A Natural Gas Community
  • HERS-Rated
  • Energy Efficient LED Bulbs
  • Rinnai® Tankless Gas Water Heater
  • Taexx® Pest Control Tubing System in Exterior Walls
  • LOW-E Doors and Windows
  • Energy Monitoring Systems
  • 15 SEER-Rated Dual-Fuel HVAC System
  • Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry
  • Quick Tie System and Tall Wall Sheathing
  • 2×6 Exterior Walls with Icynene Spray Foam Insulation In Exterior Walls & Attic
  • Low-VOC Paint Coatings

These energy efficient homes aren’t exclusive to Living Dunes. The GREEN home experts at CRG Companies can design and construct any home to be as green as you want it to be. Resulting in sustainable and energy efficient homes, BEING GREEN is a key design and construction principle.

Earth Day is everyday At CRG

BEING GREEN is at among the core values that guide every decision we make at CRG. As a Myrtle Beach custom home builder, we believe in building and construction practices that go beyond the industry standards in order to design homes that are both sustainable and energy efficient. It's a team effort to decrease our overall impact on the envoronment while building quality homes that will sustain generations.

Whether you're thinking of going GREEN for your existing or new Myrtle Beach home, there are many ways to make your household more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The list of design and technology options go far beyond this list and our team of GREEN home experts can help! Contact us today to discuss details on products and processes that can help you reduce the use and increase your energy and cost savings.

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