Step 3 In Building A Custom Home: The Home Design

Once you have completed step 1 and secured funding, moved past step 2 and found the perfect homesite, then you are ready to move on to the next step and this is where the fun begins... designing your dream home!

In this video, CRG Broker-In-Charge Preston Guyton reviews the 3rd Step in the custom home building process, The Home Design, and reveals tips on avoiding common, costly mistakes.

Don’t make these mistakes in designing a custom home…

When building a custom home, many homebuyers fail to realize the importance of working with an architect or home designer. In our video series ‘Steps In Building A Custom Home’ we discuss the main steps to help you avoid common mistakes and design, build, and construct the home of your dreams.

?Mistake #1 Shopping home plans online without an Architect or Home Designer...
There are many great resources for purchasing home plans that have already been developed, however a professional designer can help you ensure the plan you love will fit your homesite. They can also help modify the plan to fit your needs.

?Mistake #2 Not securing detailed construction documents...
Not all plans are created equally! Your plans and construction documents need to be as detailed as possible, reducing the potential for errors during construction.

?Mistake #3 Not working with a professional...
When it comes to building a custom home, it really is all in the details. From furniture layouts and lighting plans to placement of doors and windows, many details like these add up to how well your home will function. An architect will help with ensuring your home has a fully functioning layout.

While working with a professional might seem like an added expense in the beginning, the number of common errors and issues during the construction process can save you money and time in the end!

Let Us Be Your Guide

CRG Companies is a licensed architectural firm, general contractor and real estate brokerage. We can assist you with lot purchase, home design, and the custom home construction process. If you are interested in meeting with one of our professionals, or learning more about the home building process please visit our site.

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