Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Seasonal Updates to Prepare Your Home For Winter

The South Carolina coast remains one of the most attractive places for new construction due to year-round warm weather and laid-back lifestyles. Good people from across the state and country flock to the greater Myrtle Beach area to enjoy robust beach living. Those are reasons why the custom construction real estate market in the Grand Stand continues to thrive. 

Although the temperate weather may not include the blizzards of the north, routine home maintenance, and winterization is still necessary. These are ways to prepare your home for a Myrtle Beach winter.

CRG Winter Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tips: Prepare Your Myrtle Beach Home

Inspect Your Roof Thoroughly

Hurricane season usually runs from June through November, and even if South Carolinian's don’t suffer landfall, high winds can impact roofs. Damaged shingles and roof flashing can allow warm air to escape and cold night drafts to infiltrate your home. Winter is an excellent time to have a roof inspected and problems cured by a contractor. Procrastinating will only increase the likelihood that water will penetrate and spur hazardous mold growths.

Clean Chimneys & Wood Stove Pipes

Myrtle Beach temperatures can plummet from sunny 70-degree days to below freezing nights during the winter. That’s why many custom construction designs include stylish wood stoves and expansive brick fireplaces. The warming comfort of a fire adds to a coastal community home's enjoyment, but they require seasonal home maintenance, just like your HVAC system. It’s not unusual for birds to take advantage of chimneys and stovepipes that go unused much of the year. Having a professional clean them out can avoid a fire.

Insulate Any Exposed Water Pipes

It’s sometimes difficult to imagine that a home on the balmy South Carolina coast could sustain water damage from burst pipes. Mother Nature and her sunny days have lulled more than a few Myrtle Beach residents into a false sense of security. You may be outdoors literally watering plants on a warm January afternoon only to have temperatures dip below 30 degrees at night.

When water freezes, it expands and can crack and break pipes. The warming mid-morning air will thaw the ice, and water will pour out. That’s why it’s essential to wrap exposed water pipes and turn spigot valves off indoors. Consider leaving spigots open with the valve shut off inside. This can prevent water in the spigot head from swelling and damaging it.

Change Your Thermostat Settings

While it’s true that beach living in South Carolina is about the peaceful enjoyment of sun, surf, sand, and great culture, winter chills can take residents off-guard. Many residents set their temperatures with the idea of cooling off after a hot day. But winter reverses the trend. If you are new to the Grand Stand, comfortable winter days turn chilly while you sleep. Adjusting your thermostat accordingly is a seasonal home maintenance strategy that ensures a restful sleep.

Take Advantage Of Mild Winters To Rejuvenate Lawns

Lawns require mowing during South Carolina winters with some subtle differences. Landscaping experts lower mower blades during this season to open a pathway for sunlight to touch the crown of the grass. This reduces leaf browning and encourages spring growth. Another strategy is to aerate the ground to allow water and any fertilizers to penetrate deeper. Winter is also a perfect time to seed any bald spots and ready the grass for a fertile spring.

Here to Help: Buying, Selling & Building For the Future

As a leading new construction home builder in the greater Myrtle Beach area and a full service Real Estate Brokerage, CRG remains committed to delivering the quality homes everyday people deserve. While coastal community homes must account for mostly warm temperatures, considering seasonal changes is also important in high­ quality custom construction. We hope these winter home maintenance tips prove helpful. If you are considering buying, selling or building a new home contact CRG and schedule a consultation today.

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